DIY (queer) punk/hardcore music, lyrics & videos from Zagreb, Croatia, since March 7th, 2006.
Abergaz – Manje nije više EP (2022.)
DIY garage punk demo with three songs, before we enter studio in autumn to record full album. “Manje nije više” translated to English means: “Less is not more.” Recorded with mobile phone on two rehearsal places in Zagreb, during Spring of 2022.
Original photo by: Dubravko Franz ( @accsdudo on Instagram )
Cover editing by: Sophie and Sonja
released June 1, 2022
Sonja – vox & bass
Darko – guitar & backing vox
Juraj – drums
Dystopian dramedy novel “Dva tjedna prije Trećeg svjetskog rata” available (only on Croatian language) here for online orders:
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Background photo by Joža, taken during Abergaz show in Zadar, at Nigdjezemska / Menza skate park place, on August 27th, 2021.

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About Abergaz

Started on March 7th, 2006 at 9 p.m. in Zagreb, Croatia, by Sonja Hranjec (she/her), bla bla bla, wow, omg, so much shows, songs and music videos, much punk, nuns and priests shocked, science confused, parents upset, not for kids, but by kids, ha ha – “butt”, PC’s triggered, (alt-)right & antivax incels bigots hate this even more than themselves, also banned by religions, censored by governments, and praised by adventurers. ❤  

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